From laska the love kitty – “luv with hartz not wurdz”

by Craig on November 20, 2010


kreg is not here rite now so I m riting fore u

luv heres hartz not wurdz


I now I doen spelgud

but I m a kat

and ur speek iz hard tu lern

thayr iz a dixenery at th botom tu help u

if u nede help reeding go pleez thayr


kreg iz nise

hee bringz mee fud tu ete

hee rubz mi fur th rong way ann it feelz nise

sumtymz hee goze away but hee alwaze comz bak


hee haz litel papurz that hav hartz on them

thay r nise tu chu on ann rip up

hee cawlz them hiz luv noetz

hee sez – no laska thay r speshul


dont chu

dont rip


I tri tu reed them

but i hav no thums

and mi klaws r sharp

so paperz  r hard tu hold

so tuday I brawt him wun uv hiz luv noetz

I dident rip it up

I tuk it frum that taybul he sumtymz rites at

and wen hee sed thank u laska

I put mi paw on it

and maid him luk at mi

he dident say wurdz

but I new hee luvd mi

I sed meow


here iz the plase ware he sez stuf tu tel u tu tri tu luv tuday

so I thawt

mabee fine sumwun u luv

ann rub thayr fur the rong wey

ann dont sey wurdz




laska th luv kity

p.s. kreg posted mi dixenery az th post belo this wun


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Debbie November 21, 2010 at 1:19 am

Gotta love the love kitty! And I understood her without the dictionary even. :) Of course, we have kitties too, so maybe they helped me with this. Just one question . . .are you sure we should rub someone the wrong way to tell them that we love them? 😉 haha!
God bless you and your kitty!


Craig November 21, 2010 at 4:32 pm

thanc u many things. u r nise. i m a him bi th wey but thatz ok becuz u dident no. i unditstand Laskish but du not no humin gud. and u shuld go reed agen cuz i did not sey rub somebudy th rong wey – thatz bad – but rub thayr fur the rong way – it feelz nise and wil make thm pur. i wil te’ kreg u sed God bless him u r nise debbie


Debbie November 21, 2010 at 6:01 pm

Oops! Sorry! I didn’t know cats liked their fur rubbed the wrong way! My bad! :) And sorry about calling you a she! More oops! I think you are a very nice kitty, and a very forgiving one too! :)


Anonymuss November 21, 2010 at 2:10 am

Katz ROOL! LOL! Laska speex thuh trooth!


Craig November 21, 2010 at 4:35 pm

i think u speld yore naym in Laskish – i lyk that – i tri to tel trooth – bus sumtymz i hide thingz and kepe seekritz

and katz du rool – yore Laskish iz veri gud

u r nise anonymuss ann i no kreg lyks it wen u kum heer


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