A little help please…

by Craig on November 22, 2010

Imagine a gym.

Now picture three games being played.


One in the left side of the gym


aaaaaaaand one on the right.


I’m in the center game.

The ball squirts away through that person who just never seems to catch the darned thing. It flies right through the game on the left side and to the far wall.

I judge.

Stupid kid.

We all graciously decide The coach screams out that there will be no messing up somebody else’s game just to get the ball back. We all agree whine and whimper like the saints we are like babies who have dropped their pacifiers.

We picked you last for a reason you know.

Do you know that!!!

Finally the whistle blows over there. They want their game to continue. Gym is only so long you know – and then then…


The kid with the glasses,

the Harry Potter glasses,

before they were all the rage glasses,

he walks across the gym, slumped and ashamed.

Two thirds of the eyes in the place are glued to him. If the eyes all had those little lasers, the poor kid would be completely illuminated in a red glow.

He finally gets the ball. But nobody wants to wait for the human sloth to meander back over. We want the ball now. He makes an Olympic class heave a wobbly throw that makes it’s way to another kid in our section of the gym.

The ball takes an unexpected bounce. It wriggles away from this kid. It rolls like it has a mind of its own, right past him, and onto the other side of the gym.

Into the other game.

Now this kid is aglow with red dots. He isn’t wearing Harry Potter glasses. But he remembers the same something that everyone else does.

I remember who got picked second to last.

The ball got away the other day for me. I felt a thousand eyes staring. I was embarrased, sorry, dejected, guilty, you fill in the adjectives. I didn’t count the little red dots, but I don’t think there were very many. The red glow was mostly coming from inside me.

Someone from the other side of the gym picked up my bouncing ball. They stopped their own game and walked it over to me. They took the time to help. They pulled me out of thick, sticky, muddy emotion.

They could have just said “sorry” and kept playing their game. But they didn’t.

They stopped.

They risked the other kids turning on them.

They not only gave the ball back to me, they took time to convince me there weren’t as many red dots on me as I thought.

Love is inclined to remedy pain and suffering.


The game continues now. I’m still a little shaky. Wondering if the next mistake is only a step or two away. Wondering if I’ll remember the lessons I learned. Wondering if I will be so quick to stop my game the next time I see someone else’s ball get loose.Wondering if I’ll be that loving.

I may not always. But you know what? I will today. Today I’ll keep my eye peeled for someone who has dropped the ball, or has so many of them juggling that one is sure to hit the ground.

And I will be inclined to remedy their pain or suffering.

Today the mission is to find that someone. I don’t have to cure the pain and suffering of the whole world. I don’t have to leave the country. I just have to open my eyes. Today’s love is to find the injured one, the one with the broken feather, and not wait to be asked in order to help.

But to delicately slip in

no fanfare

stop my game

and help.

Like I was helped.

I’d love it if my mission for the day was yours too. If we’re all looking, so many more will be found. So many more will have less pain, less suffering. We’re all only “ones”.

But “ones” add up to lots of love, and…

Love is inclined to remedy pain and suffering.


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Debbie November 22, 2010 at 6:37 pm

I loved this . . .to look for someone who’s dropped the ball, and help. Love. Stop our game. :) You are so good at putting this in such a visual way, a way that we can relate to and grasp. Today I did help someone who was overwhelmed and desperately needed extra understanding and help. Isn’t God good, that I was able to do that for her? So thankful someone did that for you too!!!
Keep the love notes coming! We need them!


Craig November 22, 2010 at 9:42 pm


How do I put this in a way only you can understand – ah – you are not one of those bunnies – thank you.


Anonymuss November 22, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Thank you for this, Craig. I like the way you put it…love is inclined to remedy pain and suffering. Inclined is such a good choice, too. I like it better than ‘love will…’ which makes it sound like something one might be doing though they wish not to (as in ‘ought to do’) whereas ‘inclined’ gives me a picture of someone doing it out of their nature-they are inclined. It is natural, and therefore a genuine action. I like that. We can do that because we have been given enough of God’s nature (transformed?) to be able to do that. It runs in the family sort of. So glad we can be in the family!

I also like the part about delicately slipping in with no fanfare-makes it nice for the person receiving the love gift of help! They know it is truly about them receiving the remedy they need-not about the other person adding merit badges. So cool!!!


Craig November 23, 2010 at 1:40 am


You decoded my secret choice of words – who does that? Who has the ability to do that? Who is nice enough to do that?

Three letter word…begins with Y…ends with U

Thank you for reading me – and thinking about it – and sharing.


Danielle Smith November 22, 2010 at 10:17 pm

Oh my friend….. what a treasure to know you are willing to pass on the friendship given. And I’m hopeful you will stay in the game. You have a heck of an arm. :)


Craig November 23, 2010 at 1:50 am

one foot in front of the other – almost not – but the game goes on – in very large part due to the someone who handed me the ball and said keep going.

thank you just doesn’t seem like it’s enough to say


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