Love says thank you to God today, just thank you…

by Craig on November 23, 2010

I have been longing to begin  my 1000 gifts list.

I missed by a day.

Don’t know how to do it right.

…and yes, that’s normal for me.

So it’s multitude Monday – on a Tuesday


  1. That the gravity of God pulls me irresistibly to him
  2. and around Him I revolve
  3. that wisdom lessons aren’t memorized as for a test, they are imprinted on my heart by means. of. the. test.
  4. that it’s in the trial, hidden its folds, enveloped in its fog, in the center of the test there lies the treasure
  5. Yellow cake (from the box) with chocolate frosting (from the little plastic container).
  6. Sparrows (until two years ago I called them little hoppy birds)
  7. My mom’s precious gift to me when she left this earth.
  8. Froofy the miracle cat
  9. Words written like pastel watercolors that stir my soul
  10. people who slow down and care
  11. the way that Laska the love kitty comes running to me to me when he’s scared
  12. Laska the love kitty’s muted kitten purr, quieter, then irregular, then disappearing, as he falls, uncontrollably…fast…asleep … paw on my face
  13. for forgiveness and grace, not from God, but from others when we step across lines – and we’re sorry.
  14. for the way the sunlight sends forth those straight line beams from behind a darkened, gloomy, ashen cloud
  15. did I mention when people forgive?
  16. the way it’s extra breezy in Autumn to advance the cause of the trees in their yearly uncloaking
  17. this thorn – the 13 year old thorn of insidious insomnia that holds tight like a vise
  18. not so much for it – because it is gruesome, dreadful, and horrid – but for the constant, unfaltering, unflinching miracles that God works on my spirit – through it
  19. the humility toward which it constantly compels my too proud heart
  20. and the empathy it engenders to others whose bodies rebel against them
  21. for the God who keeps picking me back up, after I get knocked down, or trip, or just want to surrender to the tempest
  22. that the Lord of all fashioned the whole universe, to place this planet in the only perfect, favored spot – for us

Just Because Love Says Thank You

Thank You God.

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Anonymuss November 23, 2010 at 11:40 am

I love your lists! Specifically, and especially in this list:
little hoppy birds…people who slow down and care…and #s 3 and 9 and 15 and 21

#16 is a beautiful example of #9!

so many of the items on your list are mini-sermons in themselves!


Craig November 23, 2010 at 11:53 am

and you, A, you should be on that list too.

I had to decipher your secret number code to follow your thoughts :)

And after the deciphering – you make me read my words – through your eyes – and it’s good,.

You may be the most pensive reader EVER.

pensive – yup – pensive – I have a feeling that’s you.


Debbie November 25, 2010 at 2:19 pm

thank you for sharing your list with us! It humbles me and makes me quiet before Him. :)


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