Love sometimes gets complicated – and stands ready to explain that

by Craig on July 14, 2011



This is the Love War Tank.

I heart the Love War Tank. Look!! It shoots hearts!!! And has tank treads made out of hearts!! And it’s pink! PINK!!! Seriously, what’s not to heart about the Love War Tank?


let me admit something right here at the start…

the Love War against the negative voices has gotten a wee bit…


And my Love War Wall…

which began this simply…

a plain old battle line down the middle,

a left side and right side,

the negative voices written on posties and put on the left and nothing on the right side because…


in the first place, honestly there weren’t too many positive voices hanging around,

and second – I had other plans for that side.

It now looks like this…

So I figured it was time for a little recap of the evolution of the Love War Strategery – and the Wall. Because maybe you were absent a little for parts of it.

But not to worry…

I think I was absent a little while I was writing parts of it (◠‿◠) …

we’ll start with that dot in the middle.

That came from a dream.


I wrote about that here.

The dot?

That’s Our Lord.

I realize that a dot isn’t a popular symbol for Our Lord – but hey, it was a dream!

Anyway, he’s helping me with these negative voices,
he can help us all with the negative voices.
I heart the dot.

And maybe I better capitalize that, “Dot” – because it is – well…


We need the help of the Dot because the negative voices are insidious, and even come from different places.

They come either from our own past,
as repeated echoes,
because that’s the way psychology works.
Stuff gets planted in our tiny brains as kids,
and gets repeated and reinforced,
and that stuff becomes the way we think and feel.

The other source is the spiritual one.
Whether I see it or not, admit it or not, know it or not,
around me, around us, constantly, are unseen forces.
There are Angels, and there are fallen angels.
The Angels are sent to help us, to love, and be dispatched by us to help others.
The fallen angels are sent to hinder us, to be non-love, help us to hurt ourselves, and others.

Invisible, but real…

and acknowledged or not it makes no difference.

They’re there. They’re here right now.

I wrote a little more about that on Deep into Scripture once, here.

The Dot is sending us Angels – the enemy of the Dot is sending us the stupid fallen angels.

And some (and I think sometimes all) of the negative voices are from the stupid fallen angels and their even more stupider leader. And I don’t mean stupid in the “dumb” sense – but stupid in the – well – STUPID sense.

You know?

Anyway – two sources for the voices – inside – and outside.


Regardless of their source, they’re both effective, both a result of the Fall, and both seek to steal kill and destroy (JN 10:10).

And just in case you want to get ahead a little bit in the war (because I’m admittedly moving slowly)…

this is where were heading…

That voice in the green circle above,
in the training coral,
that’s the one voice that’s the biggest and baddest of them all.
We are going to put the voices in that “training corral” one at a time.

And we’re gonna be asking questions…

like, “Where did you come from?”…
and, “What do I do when I hear you?”

and we’ll role-play a little bit…
because I know this much about many of you guys…
you’re a little like me…
you are super supportive for other people…
and super hard on yourself.
In the role play we’ll be nice to ourselves…
and give the negative voices…
a new voice.

The Love War continues…

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A. July 14, 2011 at 10:11 am

Thank you, Craig, for walking us through this. It sounds like we will be discovering a process not only for dealing with old voices but also with new ones that will make their passes at us. I feel stronger already, just knowing that strategies are on their way. I heart strategies even though I know their implementation and deep assimilation aren’t usually instantaneous. This is learning and training both.


Craig July 14, 2011 at 1:33 pm

A. I’d be lying if I said I had a complete plan. It would be more complete if Microsoft hadn’t shut my puter down two times – automatically – without saving my research first – grrrrrrrr. But I’ve read enough to know the “hows” of this “how to” – and I heart my little negative thought ranch. The war is rounding the far turn and nearing the home stretch – and the end of the homestretch is the finish line. God bless you A.


Lynnet July 14, 2011 at 5:37 pm

Wow! This week while I’ve been sicker than an old dog, I’ve had more time to blog cruise and have been able to spend more time reading from the beginning to today on Love Wars. Thank you so much. I’ve struggled since Jr. high (way too long to hold on and keep negative thoughts and habits if you ask me) with this, but it makes total sense the way you penned it! I have a thick spiral for my One Thousand Gifts, and have a place in the back that I’ve been taking notes in from your Love Wars posts. Though my brain has been a mush of aches and stuffiness, I really appreciate the way you’ve written this to where even I can understand. Will have to start working on getting rid of those nasty negative voices as well as seeking out the gifts that He has given. I’m really looking forward to seeing you cross the finish line with this! Thank you for sharing from your heart.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving so kind encouragement. Life is a tad complimented being such good friends whose oldest kids are dating, but I guess that’s what keeps it interesting and fun, but comfortable. One thing I love about having such a close core group of sister chicks is that are able to be honest and real, in the pain, the everyday life, and the joys.


Craig July 16, 2011 at 10:11 am

first, sorry I’m so late responding to your comment. Really, sorry.

And thank you for joining up in the love war against the stupid negative voices. Mine began way earlier than junior high. And I’ve been holding onto mine way too long as well! it really is time for them to go. And, I can’t tell you how honored I am that I’m in the same binding as Ann Voskamp – but no pressure! (◠‿◠) I hope you’re stuffiness and aches are leaving you – just in case I just finished a prayer for you. And your “sister chick” group – so complicated – and so full of love. You’re a lucky one to have that! God Bless you Lynette!


Cora July 14, 2011 at 5:49 pm

I had to add another “voice” to the corral today. It’s the one the sighs a lot and says that I’ll never win at this, just let it be and let them all out of the corral and be done with it. At first, I thought it was just ALL of the already corralled voices speaking, but I added it anyways, just so it would have a face, a date, etc. Still with you, Craig!


Craig July 16, 2011 at 10:06 am

did you notice that voice was in my corral too Cora? the battle ain’t easy – but with our Lord’s help – the battle will be won!! thank you for hanging with me Cora. God bless you.


Kim July 14, 2011 at 6:16 pm

I’m intrigued by this Craig. And going back to read more. And looking forward to finding out more about the big voice in the training corral.

I love the questions you pose. They’re so simple, but so hard to think of when those negative voices are shouting.

“Where did you come from?”…
“What do I do when I hear you?”

And how about this one….”Why should I listen to you?”




Craig July 16, 2011 at 10:04 am

Oh, that big number one voice – I think it’s a voice shared by a bunch of us – it means something a little bit different to each one. And I heart your third question – and I’m going to add it! Thank you Kim, thank you, and God bless you as always!


Carrie July 14, 2011 at 6:42 pm

This is fabulous and so true! I named my past childhood voices “old tapes” because they seemed to repeat the same nonsense over and over again. Now that I’ve addressed those voices (or tapes) I am confronted with those fallen angels, trying desperately to push me off track. Thank you for sharing this so eloquently. Love the tank! And thank you for the thoughtful comment on my site – hoping that you do find a good night’s rest soon!


Craig July 16, 2011 at 10:02 am

Funny! I called my sister because at first I was going to use the phrase “old tapes” – and the expression “tape played on a loop”. I was thinking how that might date me (◠‿◠). then I thought it could be worse – I could use the term “broken record” – since I am old enough to have owned a lot of vinyl in my time. We came to the conclusion that “loop” is still acceptable – and maybe “shuffle mode” might also be good. And I heart that tank!! And I heart your blog. And if Our Lord takes the thorn – that’s awesome. And if he doesn’t – that’s awesome too. God bless you Carrie, and thank you.


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