Love knows “home” – gest post bi laska th luv kitee

by Craig on September 14, 2011

I m laska th luv kitee – tudayz an yesturdayz i rite importint gest postz
tuday i have teechingz abowt home

Home is were iz restz an sleepz

o – an I rote abowt this mapz I mayd yesturday – but no picture I had of it  

kreg fixed yesterday in afternoon tymz

# wun is home
# tu is othur peepulz
# thre iz blu watr with peepulz sumtymz
# fore iz big forist
yello playssiz are holes with iyern cirkils on top
red dotz are the dogz
blue dotz – nise dogz

green dotz – maybe nise dogz

this iz awl playssiz laska wawks with kreg

awl beelongz to laska

i telz awl things abowt map yesturday

now how we du wawks?

wen kreg says “want tu go owtside” I meow menee tymz – varee seereeus meows – if u want hearingz uv meows I wil make reecordingz for u – tell me


he opinz door and I go owtside

then I deecide wayre in mi lanz I wil go
like yesturday I went on orinj line

all importint tymz I make x’s fore u

blu x at numbur wun is start – follow orinj lyn and x’s
then eeetingz sum grass
then up tree

then buturfli
then messy person

I did not go wayre bad toy iz (I tel on bad toy heer)

I lukd at dogz in windo

I herd peepulz and did not go
I sniff carz
eet moor grass

then menee small black toyz with legz that jump in ayr and mayk sownd

kreg sez “home” – I say no – I run
I wayt fore him tu catch me an he sez home – I run moor
I hyd in bushiz and say pleez no home

I awlmos run moor but say ok and walk home – kreg stays beehynd me and sez menee tymz “home, fynd home laska, go home”

I fynd door an go insydz

ysturday was furst imprtint word fore walking in laska lanz

i doent lyk no – but no protex
no iz becuz kreg kayrz abowt mee

othur wurd iz “home”
home iz wayr all iz sayf
an iz fud and watr and playz an sleepz

home iz importint wurd
importint playss
an kreg awl tymz bringz laska home

why I forget how nise home iz?
why I don’t go home rite away?
why I want tu wandur frum home?

I think to teech u this tu thingz

no iz for tu protek
an go home wen iz tym



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Cora September 14, 2011 at 9:23 am

laska,U shud maik pikchur books with wurds for litel peepul cuz U kan tawk so thay kan lern an no stuf. eevin eye kan lern stuf wen U rite gest posts.

Eie am verree owld an stil eie du not liek NO and eie stil tayk a long tiem beefor gowing home. Eie no beter. Eie no that no protecs mee. Eie no that home is sayf an fuud and drink is thayr and eie am alwaze welcum thayr. Sumtyms wee hav tu lern the hard way lyke wen U got lost and creg cudn’t fynd U.

Yes, eye want 2 here manee seeryous meows!!!!


Craig September 14, 2011 at 2:32 pm

kreg haz a pikchur book about the kittee beefoor me – he haz tryd with publisherz – has rejekshun letturz menee. If hee fynds artist hu ken draw kyoot kittee who luks just lyk mee he maybee wil self publish “Froofy Was Scared” an put heer on blog maybee. an maybee i wil rite buks but maybee they wont let me rite in laskish. kreg an i wil tri tu lern how tu put sownd on heer fore meows. u r nise cora


Debra September 14, 2011 at 3:22 pm

Laska, I’d love a recording of you singing… ♫♫♫♪♪♫♫♫
You are one photogenic cat; love those pics of you!
And love you too Laska! Take care and stay safe in your cozy home.


Craig September 14, 2011 at 4:55 pm

we must fynd owt how tu du – then u ken be heeringz uv my meows. i m fotojenik – and iz nise you hart me. i hart mi home. u r nise debra


Layla Payton September 14, 2011 at 5:58 pm

I’d love a recording too! And what do publishers know??? Pish-posh. I have three boys, and I am telling you…this is GREAT!

The part about “then messy person” cracked me up! The ending was sweet. :)

I left a reply for you in “The Carpenter’s Shop.” I hope you’ll stop by to read it.

Be blessed. Thank you for blessing us.


Craig September 19, 2011 at 5:52 pm

Layla, first you know I’m sorry for being late to reply. And thank you for your pish posh to the publishers. I heart your encouragement. You know me though – I’m still working on accepting the nice words I hear from really nice people like you. I’m getting there ツI got your idea about an artist – I’d really heart someone – a mom – I heart the heart of moms – I’d heart a mom – a blogger maybe – to illustrate. You be blessed too! You are a blessing to me.


Dawn September 14, 2011 at 11:49 pm

Dear Laska,

So now I know how you get outside without a leash. My muttlies can go without leashes, too, but people don’t know that so I have them on one so people aren’t scared to pass us. I like winter on the bike path better–there is no one else out there then. Will your water place be ice in winter? I love to ice skate. You might like it, too.

Will love to hear you when you can figure out the sound system,


Craig September 19, 2011 at 5:56 pm

I’m sorry, again, I’m so late in replying. But two weeks ago there was a week without near zero sleep. And this last week I’ve been overwhelmed with sadness for Sara Frankl. And as I stand vigil over Sara, from afar, along with so many others, and tears become as natural as breath, I’ve fallen behind, in reading – and commenting – and replying – and I’m sorry, because I heart your comments, and so today, finally, through the sad, powered by hope, and faith, and love, here’s my reply… I heart that you have been so patient with me…

… it’s actually better that I reply now – I’m smiling for the first in a while – as for you and your muttlies – I’m sure Laska would only say – there are leash laws for dogz for a reason ツthere is one small dog, and every time he sees him go by when go for a walk, he actually begins to stalk him – it’s funny to see – he gets down low like a lion than the grass – and stalks!! and there will be no ice-skating – for either of us – Kitty skates are expensive. God bless and keep you Dawn – you and the muttlies.


Victoria September 15, 2011 at 1:50 pm

me wanz tu heer yur meowz puleeez. I askingz yu bout yur name. iz Laska. wy? qureeus me.
I liv A laska, that wy. Iz cold tuuuuu much. o well. :) me smilz for yu.


Craig September 18, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Victoria, it’s Sunday night as I write this response – you know I’m sorry for being so late – and Laskish is a little hard to write when my heart is this heavy. Your first attempt at Laskish is an honorable one ツ and deserves a reply in Laskish – next time I promise.Anyway – Laska is Czech for love. Laska is literally named love ツ


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