Love says Thank You God (thank you’s #’s 957-967)

by Craig on July 1, 2012


Faith is flickering but always present.

Hope appears as a mirage….
a wet bar of soap refusing to be held.

But there is love.

Love remains, even through this ongoing battle…
the aftermath of those 7 days in a row with no sleep.

And love says “Thank You God” in the way only. love. can.

Thank You God…

#957… that love is a willow
it sways in the wind…
bends to the storm…
but does. not. break.
You will not allow me to break.
Love is patient.

#958… that I’m finding light in easing others’ burdens…
each smile I bring, weight I lift…lifts weight from me.
Love is kind.

#959… that I know it’s not. about. me.
I am a creation of The Creator.
It is all. about. You…my Lord God.
Love is not proud.


#960… that You are anchoring me…
to this moment, this place, this time…
not wanting any other place…
because this is where You have me.
Love is not jealous.

#961… that You are keeping me respectful, decent, unpretentious…
though I find myself surrounded by those who are the opposite.
Love is not rude.

#962… that you are focusing me outward…
so I can see the way home to light…
from this place of inward twilight.
Love is not self-seeking.

#963… that though I find I am extremely angry with myself…
I am aiming some anger at the Evil One and his minions.
They are undeserving of love, involved in this trial, and meriting Your wrath.
Love is not quick to anger.

#964… that you are keeping me so focused on beauty…


tuning me in to that which is winsome and light…
even though darkness stalks my every step.
Love keeps no record of wrongs.

#965… that You are sending me out to champion the cause of those who truly require the help right now. That is Your light shining through this misty fog. You are my lighthouse on the shore.
Love does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but the truth.

#966… that even though I am full of flaws…
and crashing, and stalling, and acting up…
you make a way around or through it all.
Love bears all things.

#967… that though I am still a little lost…
barely clinging to the here and now…
I am holding, white knuckled to the intangible…
and you are anchoring me to the power of faith.
Love believes.

And if you know nothing of this present battle…
but are kind enough to wonder about it…
here are the links which will explain it all.

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The battle – the no sleep aftermath.

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Christina July 2, 2012 at 1:49 pm

It is all about Him. I love how you used 1Corinthians here. And I love 959 the most. I know there is a purpose for all of this and praying He makes it known and comforts you through it. Blessings!


Katie July 2, 2012 at 6:18 pm

Oh I love how you incorporated 1 Cor 13 here — to keep yourself focused on God and love through all of this.

#964 — so reminds me of going east into the darkness to find the light (sun), instead of chasing the setting sun in the west.


Caddo Veil July 2, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Sometimes when I come here I get so moved it brings tears to the surface–when I pray for you each night, I KNOW I’m praying for a REAL person. You have so much amazing grace–recently you wrote about your affliction being your thorn in the side, and that is exactly how I saw my depression (and now the residual effects, even though God has done much healing for me). Grace is what makes us different from the world (not our infirmities)–it unites us, lifts us, helps us to keep healing and growing. Thank you for continuing to pass it on, Craig–you help me to be easier on myself, and others. God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo


Stacy July 2, 2012 at 9:44 pm

I do love to visit here and read your posts and experience your gentle spirit. It is always calming and soothing to read your words. God can indeed use even your situation to his purposes. Why it has to be the way it is, I don’t know, but he does and that’s got to be enough….but I continue to pray about it. :) Have a wonderful, peace filled week!


A. July 3, 2012 at 8:22 am

Craig, this was so moving and beautiful and encouraging. You write of what love does…in the face of so much anti love. I needed to read this…for me, because of what I am in right now, and for you, so I can pray for you throughout this very day. So I am remembering how you pray for all of us on the hour sometimes, and I am determining to pray like that for you today.


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