Love and the five reflections

by Craig on September 1, 2012


There are five of them.

In this time of my life…
when I am in need of so much help…
into my lap have been plopped five people…
for whom I’m in the perfect position to help.

Each in different ways…and with a different set of brokenness.

And in this year I’ve named “See” – I’m seeing something more than an opportunity to help. I’m seeing how love, while dealing with one’s own one trials, doesn’t stop helping others with trials of their own. I’m seeing how helping others, really, and in a powerful way, is also helping me.

And so I have these 5 people.

I’m going to keep things general, because the internets is a permanent place.
I regularly spill out my insides here, but these five people didn’t sign on for that.

So their names will stay hidden…
as will the specifics of their situations…
so nobody can ever really put the pieces together…
and ever know who in the world I’m talking about.

A little protection…
a little anonymity…


…the truth spoken in shadows is still truth – sometimes even more so.

All five of these people are women. None of them are married. It’s not the job of a friend of the opposite gender to ever step in and become so significant in the life of a married person. That’s a recipe for infidelity and disaster.

All of them I have cared and will care for.

And here’s one more thing.

Looking past their gender…
past their exterior, seeing the heart…
I’m seeing mirror reflections of myself.

The challenges I face in helping them are challenges that I’m familiar with because I can be challenging in the same way. The strengths that they have, I share many of those too.

We all share so much more than we think

And it’s time for change.
They need to change things.
I need to change things.

It feels like a bit of reality T.V…
or a little like a like a game show…
except it’s real life with real people and real problems.

So next time I’d like to introduce you to the five.


I’m always a totally open book here.

Next time I’ll share from their books.

Please come back.

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