Love helps the Five reflections

by Craig on September 3, 2012

Love helps, and helping someone grow can be a delicate thing.


In a time in which I’m in need of help…
I’m in just the perfect position to help.

So I’m helping someone – five someone’s.

There is the one who has had maybe the most arduous time of it.
She’s as tough as tempered steel…but has a tender heart and is kind.

She’s the rebel seeking a cause which won’t devour her.

Her mind never stops…
she’s cynical…
she’s practical…
and witty and emotional and determined.

Fiercely independent…
she’s in the toughest situation…
yet…this one is a trouper in every sense.

Then…there’s this one…

the one who’s learned that the way through life is to constantly change the story.

She edits out what she doesn’t like…
and presents only what she wishes you to see.

She doesn’t let anyone in too closely…
because they’ll be able see all the seams.

She has a charm that will capture anyone.

She looks absolutely safe to be near…
but, beware, she has razor sharp edges.

Sometimes we are what life makes us.

She’s a chameleon…


…and yes, a manipulator.

She’s afraid to depart from what she has relied on. She’ll try a new way but never gives a seed long enough time to blossom. And she trusts far less than she can be trusted – which isn’t very far.

But she’s someone you want to help…
someone you truly want to root for…
someone you can’t help but root for.

But little is as it seems with her…
and she is as quick to flee the scene…
as a sparrow at the sound of a broken twig.


there’s the one with confidence overflowing…
who doesn’t know the steps forward, but wants to…
and once pointed in the right direction takes off like a rocket.

This one is the easiest to help.
Her story will be the shortest one.

Because she’s very bendy.

She tries to listen and learn.
She doesn’t get it very quickly…
But oh, when she does!

She acts swiftly on what works…
and quickly and easily drops what doesn’t.

But, her attention can fly like the wind.

My mom always said, “Do one thing at a time. Do it very well. Then move on.”

This one likes the “moving on” part the best.

But even butterflies land once in a while.

It takes patience, but it’s easy to help someone like this.

So I’m helping the Five, and in the helping I’m learning…
while trying to remember to help myself at the same time.

There is more.

Please come back.

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Katie September 3, 2012 at 6:31 pm

I think I see a bit of me in each of the people you have described here. Which is the way of it. Often we can see parts of ourselves in others around us.


Craig September 4, 2012 at 2:27 pm

Katie, maybe that’s the key and understanding others, knowing that we all share such important pieces of ourselves – that the weaknesses of others we share – as well as their strengths. I obviously see myself in all of these – now the trick will be to continue to work on my life – as we work on theirs – and hopefully all move forward. God bless you Katie, thank you as always.


Michelle September 4, 2012 at 5:56 am

I will continue to pray for you all. (And I fully approve of your previous wisdom, Craig, in helping other singles and not allowing yourself to be put in the midst of relationships.)


Craig September 4, 2012 at 2:32 pm

it was in seminary that I first learned this – I can’t remember what course – I do remember I was a personal trainer at the time. Personal trainers can develop friendships with the ones they train – and nearly every client I had was a woman. And most of them were married. I read a book about marital infidelity, and came to the conclusion that friendship is pretty much where all infidelity begins – first friends – then shared secrets – then more. But close intimate friendship is usually the very first step – if we stop at the first step – if we stop anything at the first step – the chances of falling down the other ones get reduced. No? Thank you for your prayers to Michelle, because this is tricky ground, I can’t get lost in helping them, and therefore not improve my own position – I need to help those I’m in a position to help – but not use their situations to avoid my own. God bless you my friend.


Debra September 4, 2012 at 1:56 pm

In a time in which I’m in need of help…
I’m in just the perfect position to help.

Words describing the wounded healer. Without the empathy toward suffering we could never know how suffering really feels, could we? Compassion means to suffer with.


Craig September 4, 2012 at 2:35 pm

Debra, I am a little bit of the healer by nature – a bridgebuilder – and right now about as wounded as I have ever been. Thank you for sharing with me a little bit about compassion. And you are so right – if we haven’t gone through what others go through, we can’t help others when they go through it, and neither can they help us. It’s a biblical truth and I can’t debate it ツ don’t want to ツ God bless and keep you Debra.


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