Love is the faith of a child

by Craig on September 28, 2012



What Sara is facing…
so will we all…
to finish the race well…
to die so to live.

*I wrote this one year ago, on Deep into Scripture. as this world lost Sara. When death touches life you can’t help but think of eternity. It’s going to happen to all of us. So I asked, and now ask again, “What kind of faith do we need? *

To leave this earthly life well, and really, to live it well, it seems we need this.

“Amen, I say to you, whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it.” (Mk 10:15)

We need the faith of a child.

This broken world of ours tends to drum out this faith…
make us color inside the lines…eliminate play…hush wonder.

The faith of a child believes with simplicity and magic.
You live, you’re here. You die, you go to heaven.


But it’s not my faith.

Mine was born of struggle.

Head too often upstaging heart…



…and “knowledge” always chasing  faith like a lion trailing a gazelle.

But to leave this life well “knowledge” must nod to magic.

It’s a typically kind act of God – to personally give us an example of life turning to death, then yielding to resurrection, and new life. My head says, “If Jesus lives, and he died, then Sara will live when she dies.” I heart the hard evidence – but that isn’t enough.

To really believe that the death of Our Lord paved the way for eternal life requires an entering into a magical framework – the faith of a child.

But it’s not just the broken world, and the stubborn mind, but also this body which stands in the way too. Nothing is more definitively ours than our body. Death is the most definitive end of that possession. Can there be a deeper loss – seen from earthly eyes?

And that’s where there must be magic I think.



I’m clearly more than my body because I have experienced other than my body, transcended it. But I am clearly different from only “soul” as well. I am more than body and more than “soul” – and I believe, though not yet as a child, that a resurrected body, is body… and soul… in perfection.

We don’t lose what makes us “us”.
We lose just a damaged vessel…
as we gain a perfect one…
and we don’t lose that boundless soul…
it only gains more elbow room.

I know that 15 years of sleep deprivation have lessened my body. But as the body has waned, my soul has enlarged…

and  if my lessened body…
lessened infinitely less then Sara’s…
has enlarged my faith…
then how much more has her faith expanded?

Her faith, which is already so strong…I think, must now be…



the faith of a child.

And the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

Sara has said that she’s ready.

I need to stand ready with her…

and stop with the head…

and give way to the heart…

and believe…

like a child…

and behold the Kingdom of God…

and Sara…

about to enter.


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