Love stays the course, if the course is right

by Craig on January 6, 2013


I can see disappointment prancing in her eyes. It’s an evil waltz.
Fear, doubt, and uncertainty are all strutting on the dance floor too.

She fights to disguise it.

I can feel the pounding desire within her to give up, change colors, disappear, and move on. The chameleon is all about concealment until the next opportunity arises. The only way to not be a victim is to trick the predators and become an invisible predator.

I worry that this is the way the chameleon is headed.

I pray…

for enough success to keep her going…
enough encouragement to sustain the effort…
enough bravery to stay the course and not disappear.

She’s is a brave one but there are limits.
I fear that the chameleon may reach hers.

By the way, this is part of my series on helping the 5 reflections which began here.


I worry that she’ll go back to the old ways.
I worry that she’ll learn from this not to trust.


I worry that she’ll not transform her life for the better.

Some of what she’s feeling is how hard it is to change old ways. For some people it’s easy. For chameleons, and people like them (like me), change is a drastic thing and all change is threatening and dangerous.

I don’t want to her to fail…
and I don’t want to fail her.

So I encourage all that I can.

I feel every bit of her struggle and worry and fear and desire to disappear.
I’m with her every step she takes, as she teeters on that sky high tightrope…

to lie or tell truth…
to cheat or toe the line…
to back away or follow through.

It’s torturous to watch her try so hard, and not have things work.

I wish there were more of me to give…
but I’m spread out like a too thin sheet of ice on a lake…
I’m already giving more time, energy and resources than I have.


Love stands steadfast, tall and true…
though though the branches grow weary…
and the wind shears the very edges off of courage.


Love doesn’t go back to the comfortable way – if the comfortable way is wrong.

Love rights the course if it’s wayward.
Love stays the course if the course is right.

I hope she chooses love.

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nancy January 8, 2013 at 7:02 am

Craig, you are talking about me here, trying so hard to change, to trust, to love, hanging on the edge of the cliff . . .


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