Love has a story – Saint Valentine | chapter 7

by Craig on February 11, 2013

The Story of Saint Valentine. You may have heard it. But not THIS way.


I leave, hands bound, subject to the law of Rome. I wonder if I should have allowed myself to be captured. I believe the law of Love will break these bonds. But how?

I have prayed…
I have listened…
and I have heard…
that one day I’ll be set free.

The Story of Saint Valentine, which began here, continues.


Only the wind was moving through the streets of Interamna today. It’s often deserted when Roman soldiers ride through with a prisoner. But though they were empty, the streets were not silent.

The soldiers didn’t notice…
but I could see what they could have…
if they would have looked with better eyes.

There was loving support covering the ground like bits of jam on bread…

a cavalcade of roses strewn about the city.


I said goodbye to Interamna…
and Interamna said goodbye to me.

When all one can give is the smallest gesture…
the smallest gesture can become the grandest gift.

These ropes that bind my wrists are nothing compared to the invisible bonds of marriage that will surround me every mile of the journey to Rome.

Where two are bound by marriage…
and the unbreakable cord of God, there is love.

Where there is love there is freedom.

I am silenced now.

But can God be silenced?

Claudius will have his way. I was the only one marrying in the entire Empire. Who will marry while I am gone? If I die, does marriage die with me?

And in the midst of my doubts I hear the faint whisper…
as clearly as the rhythm of the horses’ steps on the stones.

“For some things there is death, but not for marriage, my Valentine.”

The Emperor who decreed there would be no more marriage…
is encircled by the bonds of the matrimony he has declared non-existent.

The Story of Saint Valentine. You may have heard it. But not THIS way.


Claudius has taken me prisoner.
He does not know that he is captive.

We pass by the Coliseum where beasts have torn Christians limb from limb. We pass by the stakes that remain from when Nero burned Christians at night to light the city streets. I am certain this is not by chance.

Am I afraid?

I have faith. I have love…
and love casts out all fear.

But yes.

I am afraid.


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to this story of Saint Valentine…

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Debbie February 11, 2013 at 8:26 pm

Oh Craig . .. I love this story! Thank you for sending me here today. Really blessed. :) God bless you!


A. February 11, 2013 at 10:38 pm

To admit fear is sometimes difficult, but it sure is honest. I love this story, even with its pain.


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