Love sees hope in bleakness (part 2)

by Craig on December 24, 2014

If it's bleak, and cold, and dreary and sad for Christmas is there any help?

It’s Christmas so you have to smile.


If your Christmas is a cheery one
THAT makes me smile a smile for you

but if you’re someone who’s just counting the days
until Christmas is past, so the “cheer” will disappear
because you’re life isn’t cheery, and you’re feeling gloomy
and you feel doubly bad because you’re supposed to be cheery

just a few questions…

Does it seem to you that there isn’t enough time left in life
to get done the thing or things for which you have dreamed?
Maybe this question is useful …“How much time do you have left?”

I know if I really believe what I say I do
daily accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord
the clock never runs out, even when it does

If you’re reading this, and believe, I hope you know, anew
your clock, ticking and chiming away hours, will never stop

Or maybe you don’t have enough strength
to make it all happen just as you wanted
if so…maybe just a few more questions…

Is there a God?
Has he done anything good for you?
Has he allowed bad things to happen
and then worked good through them?

Might he do so again?

Do you believe there is a person, human and God
with much more ability than that which you own?

If so…
can He carry you?
Can you lean on Him?

Is He maybe waiting to be asked
before providing the helping hand?

Or is it that no possibility seems to exist
for a life any better, or more meaningful?
I guess then, maybe ask the God of all things…

if he’s at all surprised by how things have worked out

It’s kind of a rhetorical question

is it time to just forget about the location and bloom where we're planted?

If God isn’t surprised, then here is where we were always going to be
maybe it’s time to ask how we might bloom where we are planted
no matter how fallow, or dry, or rocky the ground

That may not be an easy ask, I know

Still, it’s Christmas
no, you don’t have to smile
but maybe talk to God about why it’s so hard to smile…

talk to him…

talk to him…

(and on Christmas Day I’ll write a post that WILL make you smile)

Merry Hopeful Christmas.




And thank you for this art:
the flowers in the desert

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Katie December 24, 2014 at 11:13 pm

Life has been hard for us this last year. My husband’s chronic illness, heart, afib and svt, has acted up at least once a week for about 6 months. FOr the ladt 6 years he has gone to cardiologist after cardiologist. Finally hr is with an EP cardiologist, we find out he has svt along wit his afib. He is on meds. Plan in place for electrical study of heart to determine if hr is able to have ablation or pacemaker. All this the week of Christmas. i found having an answer brings more joy and Christmas cheer to us than most anything. Have missed your writing Craig!


Mizliz Liz December 25, 2014 at 12:17 am

Yes, have missed your writing, your testimony, your faith journey, dear friend. Sometimes the phony glitter of a ‘holiday’ is just that: phony glitter. But then a teenage granddaughter sits beside you at worship on Christmas Eve to celebrate the Light that overcomes darkness, and her faith, her belief rings forth, an old woman can testify that Jesus IS the light that overcomes ALL darkness. Can’t wait for your Christmas Day joy, Craig.


Martha Orlando December 25, 2014 at 6:44 am

Yes, Craig, I will talk to God and not wear a smile unless it comes from my heart. Blessings to you and hoping your Christmas fills your heart with joy!


Debbie December 27, 2014 at 8:06 pm

You know I love this. And I love to smile and laugh! And I am smiling more because you don’t have things easy, at all, and yet you are encouraging us to ask God about whatever it is and remember the good He has done, which is beyond measure . . .and I am leaving your site lifted up. Again!
Thank you and God bless you as you smile for Him!


A. January 1, 2015 at 11:21 pm

Craig, this is so good, and so Craig. You have a gift. You still do. I love the gentle way you presented this message…with questions instead of commands, with invitations to ask and think instead of directives to obey, etc. You are safe. No peeking between fingers needed here. That is a gift, too. I love that you used ‘maybe’ and ‘may’ instead of ‘should’ and ‘must’. Possibilities and invitations instead of force. Yet, I think more mountains can be moved your way. Bless you!


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