Love worships the one who IS in heaven (prayer pt 5)

by Craig on March 23, 2011

So this is my system.

This is just my way.

It’s not the way.

Except “The Lord’s Prayer” part.

That’s His way.

To stay in touch with God throughout the waking hours – “Tweeting” with him all the time. (here)
To pray him first, others second, myself third – or not at all. (here)
To pray the complete prayer, given by him, one piece at a time. (here )

Yesterday’s piece was God as Father,
perfect Father,
personal and close.

is God
As God

All powerful
Seated in Heaven

Thoughts above our thoughts
Ways above our ways

Our King disposing justice
The same, always the same
but never the same
because his mercies are new every morning.

Always present, every”where”, every “time”, every “place”

Eternal, gracious, to whom worship and submission are due.

Bigger than any thought, always thinking about us.
I can’t think of God in ways too big in this part of the prayer.
But also can’t limit myself only to the big,
I need to see eternal glory in the small;

the sun rising outside my window because the earth spins in space
the cardinal outside calling for a mate because seasons change.

Today, with no real sleep in 48 hours, my mind is thinking differently, seeing differently and not obeying as it should.

So today, for instance, I might consider with him, how he never sleeps, how his thoughts are always perfect, how everything bends to his will in due time.

Whatever I see around me, at whatever time I pray, this becomes part of the prayer, and this part of the prayer becomes worship.

If I’m driving it’s about how God moves.
If I’m cleaning it’s about how he cleanses.
It’s about how he is reflected in all of creation,
but better than every and any part of it,
perfect where it is flawed,
perfect where I am flawed.

So this worship is always different, colored by every different moment.

It could go on forever if I get on a roll.
Or it could be a minute long,
or less, sometimes just a word.

For me, this part of the prayer was the one I prayed yesterday.

I was hearing of fighter planes crashing and how our technology is so advanced – and yet how we’re still so primitive. How we use weapons of tomorrow to fight battles ages old. A leader grasps for power. People rebel suddenly because they catch a wave of rebellion – and power vacuums are created – and space abhors a vacuum – and what fills it we may not like.

So this is how the words spilled out.

And as wordy as I can be – these words were brief.

It’s a really primitive thing to worship isn’t it?
But then, primitive is another way to say original right?
Original touches on my very nature and what I was designed for.
We’ve progressed so far and always think humans are the top of all the chains.
But we aren’t.
We are creations.
I’m a creation,
We have someone who made us.
You made everything.
We think we’re high and mighty.
Only you are High and Mighty.
You made us.
You made me.
You are more than everything and I am everything in you.
So it’s primitive.
This worship thing is primitive.
So what!
Maybe primitive is better.

You are better.

You are best.


Then following my little “system” I was free to pray…

for somebody else.

Then if there was time left over,

I would have gotten to pray for me.

But really, who has that much time?

In God’s love.

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Lisa Easterling March 23, 2011 at 3:06 pm

You are a very encouraging soul, you know it? Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read my humble offerings and then to take a bit more time to leave your thoughts behind like the scent of honeysuckle in summer, a soft and comforting reminder that God cares. I hope He blesses you in really cool ways today, Craig. Thanks again.


Craig March 23, 2011 at 3:27 pm

Lisa – I want to thank you for that – really – we all need support – and I’m the one encouraged now. So thank you. And just between you and me – I hope he blesses me in really cool ways today too – and you too.


Dawn March 23, 2011 at 7:49 pm

Two things made me chuckle here today:

1 Except “The Lord’s Prayer” part – that’s His part

2 Then if there was time left over, I would have gotten to pray for me, but really who has that much time? Are you thinking you are really that hopeless or just a short pray-er?

I’m praying you can sleep soon,


Craig March 23, 2011 at 7:56 pm

Dawn I had the 48 straight hours without sleep – but I slept for 3 hours from 9-12 today – there’s no pattern – except I expect the body will crash fairly good in about an hour – thank you for the prayers. My body doesn’t usually do the “don’t let him sleep at all thing” – it’s rare – but when it happens – it’s no fun. Anyway enough me – blah blah – thank you for reading – and un speech-writing terms those two lines are “applause lines” so I’m glad they worked.

And yes I’m hopeless :)
And yes I have the attention span of a 1st grader :)

God Bless.


Janis@ Open My Ears Lord March 24, 2011 at 1:39 am

Hi Craig,
Thank you for the ultimate compliment about my March Madness analogy. That it hit the target.
I enjoyed reading your prayer here as it captured your thoughts and your every-day routine. In everything we do, He opens our eyes to show us His presence and how our action relates to His word.
The other thing that impressed me about your prayer was finding God in the small things as well–“the sun rising outside my window because the earth spins in space”. And the earth spins in space because He has placed order in this world He created. What a wonderful meditation.


Craig March 24, 2011 at 8:38 am

Janis – a any guy would have gotten that analogy – in spades. It was awesome. And I heart seeing God in the little things – thank you for your kind words. I like the big things too – I just kind of like seeing him. Ya know? Thank you very much for stopping by. God Bless and keep you.


Debbie March 24, 2011 at 1:44 am

You are such a blessing. Thank you for sharing your prayer plan. I like it a lot! I don’t like that you haven’t slept. That you haven’t slept in that long and you still post? Totally a God thing. So glad that He loves you and will not let you go. Praying and asking Him to restore you, refresh you, renew you, and work powerfully through your life. God bless you.


Craig March 24, 2011 at 8:41 am

I hated the not sleeping either – and of course I’d post!!! It just took lots longer than normal to do – the brain flying here and there – and the body being all blech and blargh. Thank you for the prayers – but you know – this just may be a permanent thorn – if he takes it I’ll thank him – if he doesn’t I’ll praise him – I don’t like it – but I heart God.

Thank you as always Deb. God Bless.


A. March 25, 2011 at 10:34 pm

My biggest smile came from your response to Lisa: “And just between you and me – I hope he blesses me in really cool ways today too –” :) Refreshing simple acceptance and honesty.


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