Love…baby love…part two…bloggy names

by Craig on April 14, 2012

this is the younger sister - younger twin - and youngest of three sisters

either making the "baby jesus hand" or a party sign...time will tell


And that’s them – home from the hospital.

They need bloggy names.

Last post I came up with a few options.
But as I closed that post my mind drifted to this bunch.


Can you go wrong with Disney Princesses?



curious, adventurous, headstrong.
But then there’s that outfit…
It’s a little…mature…y’now.
And neither baby is a redhead.

Sleeping Beauty…


the third Disney Princess…and the in betweener.
She looks like Cinderella…
but her story is like Snow White.
What was Disney thinking?
Even she couldn’t remember her name.
Quick, what is it?

It’s Aurora…and nope.

Then there’s Jasmine…


fiery, impetuous, outspoken…
and some more…mature clothing…
and questionable choice in men…
A thief? Really?



not fond the seductive bare shoulder look for a princess…
and our only Native American roots?
My mom’s “claim” that she was 1/16th French Canadian Indian.

And Belle…


another one with questionable choices in men…
and seriously! More cleavage!
And she’s also not really a Princess…
and she’s French…



a new one…
Curious, artistic, sassy…
and she’s bound for issues…
all those years alone in the tower.
And neither baby has that much hair.



Caring, heroic, clumsy…
but there’s not an ounce of Chinese in either twin.

Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog…


Again with the cleavage?!
Determined, smart…but not really a princess either.
That’s why she turned into a frog when she kissed the frog.
Only real princesses need apply.

Then there are the classics…

Snow White.


The original Disney Princess from over 80 years ago.
She’s all the rage now, with a T.V. show and two new movies.
She’s sweet, innocent, cheerful, but not at all weak.
Baby one has tons of dark hair, and she is the older twin.

And Cinderella…


the second Princess…
the tender, hopeful, dreamer….
in the end making her own dream come true…
and by the way, mama’s wedding gown looked. just. like. hers.
and baby two, like Cinderella, was the second princess…
And she does have the lighter hair.

To me it’s a pretty clear choice if we go the Princess route.

Decisions…decisions…what to name these two?

check out the hand holding - cute!!!!!


Oh, and before I go…
I’ll open the floor for advice…
Because you guys know this stuff.

Big sister…social, adorable and bright…
and has held the spotlight for two years…

and now has to share it…

and is not so much happy with that situation.

Yes, those ARE tears :(

It’ll pass, but what to do until it passes…

So…I need input for bloggy names and advice on sibling jealosy…


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Cora April 14, 2012 at 5:07 pm

Oh, those dreaded princesses!!!!! I caught on very early in life that I was NOT a princess — just a commoner, a low life, very low on the food chain and always stepped on and crushed by the glass slippers of the princesses!!!!! So. . . . I’m not the greatest fan of princesses. But. . . and it’s a big BUT. . . I DO think little, innocent, beautiful, precious bundles of “princesses to be” are worth a million times their weight in gold. If it were just one, just “Princess” would be great, but since there are two. . . . BIG problem. I think King Uncle will have to come up with this one himself.

As for the heart-broken little jealous one — my heart aches for her. To be invaded by TWO is just double heartbreak! As my father would say with his dutch accent, “Tis Vat!!!!!”
I don’t know the answer, except to keep on being to her what you have always been —- her very own special uncle. Make her understand these two “invaders” are hers to love and adore. Show her how she can love them. And give her equal or even more than equal time.
That’s all I’ve got! Being a middle child, I must have gone through this — twice! I do remember with the last one that I “helped” with the feeding, bathing, pushing the stroller, etc. I was 5, so just a bit older than this one. You’ve got your hands full (and your heart!)!!!!!


Craig April 15, 2012 at 4:19 pm

first of all, not to worry Cora, I’ve always been too short to be Prince Charming material, then I wasn’t rich enough to be Prince Charming material, then, in seminary I was told, “wait until you get your church, and the faithful will line their princesses up in the first row for you”, then came the sleep thing, and that pretty much put an end to dating princesses.

And as far as the little jealous one – she just MIGHT be too young to help out – we’ll see, right now I think the big way for me to help is to try to keep her occupied so mama can take care of the babies whenever I’m over there. Gina is actually the one with her hands full – I’m miles away. God bless you Cora!


Lisa Maria April 14, 2012 at 10:47 pm

Hello Craig..I’ve been absent for a while. I’ve had serious computer issues (we need a new monitor) and we’ve also had the children on Easter vacation these past two weeks (Monday it all ends).

I see I’ve missed a lot! I’ll have to do some catching up, but congratulations on your beautiful nieces…they are so precious! I was the first daughter myself and I wonder what I was thinking and feeling though I was only 21 months the first time.

First children are so cherished and doted upon. From my own experience, I think the first thing is to try not to have too much changes at once for her. I remember nursing my second daughter in the same bed (my own) and reading bedtime stories for my eldest. I tried to include her in everything I did with her sister. I guess this would be hard for your sister with two babies to take care of, but maybe Daddy or yourself could help to keep her entertained. The important thing is that she is made to understand that the babies didn’t take away all of Mommy and Daddy’s love for her, it just has to be shared a bit more. It would also help to remind her how very special and delicate she was as a baby too and that she needed her mommy in a way that only babies do and that’s how her sisters need Mommy now, but they’ll grow up very soon. Maybe if the high points of being a big sister are pointed out constantly, she’ll think herself their champion. It worked for my older two when their little sister was born…their concern and ‘help’ was amusing and very touching.

Good Luck and God bless all of you. (P.S. thanks for leaving some comment love over at my place)


Craig April 15, 2012 at 4:25 pm

I think the two baby juggle – nursing one child, and allowing the toddler big sister to be attached to a hip – that would be manageable. It’s the third child that makes juggling really hard. I know it’s easy it is for me to juggle two balls – but not three ㋡

I’ll follow your advice – and try to keep older sister entertained while I’m over there. That seems to help. And I’m not sure how much I can get across fine points like the importance of being a big sister to big sis – she’s just barely two herself. How do you get that across to a two-year-old? But I think maybe I’ll try nonetheless. Anyway, thank you Lisa Maria, and God bless you and all of yours.


Michelle April 15, 2012 at 3:17 am

Change can be soooo hard. Especially when you are just finding out who you are, and what you like and then, then, these interlopers (very adorable ones at that) come in and take the security you know! How Rude!

But, by loving her and staying the same Uncle, and reassuring her that she has value (have conversations with her, play with her, you’ll know what to do), she will come through this time of ‘it was just me, and now there’e someone else x2.’ If you can help your sister and brother-in-law by keeping the bigger one busy doing one-on-one stuff with her, that will be a huge blessing.

Love the photos.


Craig April 15, 2012 at 4:29 pm

first of all, thank you for noticing the pictures – both the live babies, and the princesses – they took lots and lots of time. Second, I WILL try to take on the role of keeping big sis entertained when I visit – so thank you for the advice. And third – I think you make such a good point – these two adorable babies are really as you put it, “interlopers” to big sis. But all said and done – I think it’s mama who needs the most prayers right now – and as many extra arms as she can find ㋡


Caddo Veil April 15, 2012 at 5:20 pm

At the risk of sounding so whiny, I was the eldest of 6 (no twins–but too many babies, come on), so I’m hurtled back in time to when I’m sure I was crying too, and thinking–“SOMEBODY’S got to love ME BEST!” There’s your mission, Uncle Craig–God bless y’all!


Craig April 15, 2012 at 9:58 pm

Well, it isn’t MY mission. I’m just an uncle. It’s mom and dad’s decision. Over time I’m sure it’ll all be fine, but they just want now to be more…peaceful…less…stressful…on everybody. You know? Mama and Dad know THEY are on a mission. Thank you Caddo, didn’t sound whiny…and God bless you my friend. ㋡


Dawn April 15, 2012 at 8:01 pm

Two is a great age to introduce new siblings (or have them interlope as was mentioned above). There is not a solid sense of self as there is a bit later. It will be like she always had sisters. I am sad she had to give up her room. Those tears kill me.

I like your going down the Winnie the Pooh path one and and the princess path the other day for blog names for the twins. How about using Winnie and Belle? (Ignore the cleavage on Belle, she did reject the “stuck on himself” eligible bachelor in the beginning of the story and recognized the beauty underneath the beast that makes her a real woman of character in my book.)

It is highly unusual to have the lighter twin come out first. Interesting!

Congrats, Uncle Craig. It’s a good thing you are blogging less. You have a lot of uncle-ing to do!
Much love,
Dawn This may help you carry one of the babies while you do something else!


Craig April 16, 2012 at 10:06 am

Isn’t it interesting that posting once a day is actually “less” blogging ツ. When I started it was 10 posts a week on the two blogs – and I went down to eight – and now I’m down to seven – and it’s “less”. And I haven’t really used the extra time as I should have…But I’ve been going more than 100 percent for a while – maybe I needed to slow down. Anyway…Working on that… prayed about it… And yes, I do have some uncle-ing to do. And I knew, I just knew that you would have good things to say about our baby issues. God bless you Dawn.


bluecottonmemory April 16, 2012 at 6:43 am

Daughters of the King are always princesses in a real kingdom – and fairy tales give us such a beautiful grasp of the good king (God), the saving prince (Jesus) and happily ever after – after living the challenges.

Why don’t you look at the meaning of her name and pick synonyms that fit? My boys have “Spirit” names that go with their spiritual gifts: Perceiver of Truth, Faithful, Joyful, The Fire and Power (of the H.S.), Love (our Human Resource Guy who brings us all together).


gina reid April 16, 2012 at 8:02 am

Just an update on my girls. Older sis, Mia, is still a “challenge”. She just wants mommy all of the time. No matter how much daddy tries to help she will cry for me. So when I’m not feeding a baby, I have her in my arms or am playing with her. Makes daddy a little sad because he feels he can’t help. I know it’s a stage. I’ll just have to wait it through.

Mia loves her sisters. She carries a stool around to watch me change diapers and to look at them in the crib. She loves giving them kisses and comes to find me if they are crying. It is very cute. So at least she doesn’t seem jealous of them, just extra needy.

Your advice is appreciated. Thank you. Gina


Katie April 16, 2012 at 5:33 pm

The baby hand sign – in the picture above – Is I love you in sign language. Snow White and Cinderella are my favorite princesses for bloggy names.

As for big sis…. well, change is hard on us adults, so it has to be so hard on her heart. Bless her little heart. Give her lots of love and understanding, continue discipline, but try to discipline behavior not her feelings. Change as little as you can in her routine, some change is going to happen with new babies in the house. Spend extra time assuring her of you love. Give her special “help” jobs, like carrying mom a diaper or the wipes to change the babies, bringing baby a blanket, or clothing.


Craig April 16, 2012 at 7:08 pm

Yeah, I kinda knew that too – but already had the image of the way baby Jesus always has his hands pictured – and the party thing – I know some ASL – can’t get anything past you!! ツ And such a good tip always to address a person’s behavior – not the person. I won’t do any disciplining – but Gina is reading. And the extra helping – all such good stuff. We wanted advice and we’ve got good stuff to work with. Thank you Katie, God bless.


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